Article Marketing

An extremely effective way of increasing targeted traffic to your corporate website is by using article marketing. This strategy involves writing keyword rich articles of relevant content, focussing on the subject / specialisation of your corporation. For example, if you sell High-margin Dental Equipment, your articles should clearly explain what your product does, in terms of technical functionality, technological advantages and of course, comparative advantages over competing products / services.

Articles written on your chosen subject should then be submitted to ezines, article directories and blogs – which then must link back to your corporate website. These hyperlinks are known as ‘backlinks’, and should come only from ‘good neighborhoods’ on the internet, otherwise page rank can be affected. This is not a problem if you plan to create keyword dense and content rich articles yourself, however care should be taken if using freelance writers to perform this work for you. There are several reason for this.

- Many freelancers are not native speakers of the language required for your website.

- Some writers lack sufficient expertise in your domain.

- Capitalising on articles written by someone else can leave you open to ‘black hat’ marketing techniques

Overall, these techniques may work in the short term, but usuallyresult in being banned from the search engines rapidly. In particular, Google, Yahoo and MSN are particularly severe in their outlook towards RSS, Forum or Gateway page techniques; these methods trigger duplicate content filters and search engine algorithms cannot easily be duped.

Therefore the ultimate solution is regular creation of original, quality content. It is essential to use professional writers who are experts in the field, or if you have time, Do It Yourself!

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

Creating a website is not only a matter of design, development and money. One of the most important factors to consider is the content, or information, which the site provides. This is critical not only for bringing traffic to your website, which results in more visits, more potential clients and ultimately, more sales.